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Warehouse and Big Data

Data warehouse and big data bringing a wide range of benefits for the businesses using data census for projection and planning, decision making and solutions development. Big Data term is used for the data huge in size and exponentially growing the time. This is mainly a technology which stands on V3; volume, velocity and variety of the data. As there is data coming in bulk, volume defines the amount of data coming from the different sources, velocity refers the speed of data processing and variety of data means the number of the type of data.

Big Data is a technology, whereas data warehouse is architecture of storing and managing data supporting in the data analysis for decision making. We can also say the data warehouse is a large store of data accumulated from a wide range of sources within a company and used to guide management decisions. So, in short, the data warehouse is an architecture of data storing and managing, whereas Big Data is a technology to handle huge data for developing different sources.

Benefits of big data and data warehouse are huge. It saves your time, increase efficiency, develop more effective solutions, evaluating risks, competing large businesses, identifying issues and problem in real time and helps in making uniform business decision.

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With efficient use of data, you can take your business to the next level and we are sure you would want to extract/evaluate the real value from the data for your business growth.


Warehouse and Big Data



TeraDATA is a fully scalable relational database management system that supports commercial data warehouses as well as a large number of concurrent users from various client platforms. Built on massively parallel processing architecture, TeraDATA is suitable for building large scale data warehousing applications.

Companies are choosing TeraDATA due to its scalability and extensive parallel processing capacity. It the data volume increases then we can expand the database capacity easily. TeraDATA handle the data efficiently as well as there is a high level of data protection.

There may be certain reasons for companies to choose TeraDATA instead of any databases:

  • Its Linear scalability feature makes it more popular.
  • Automatic distribution of data across multiple processors.
  • Large capacity; supports 50+ petabytes of data.
  • Comes with a parallel-aware Optimizer for efficient processing of queries.
  • Ability to attach with large numbers of BI tools to fetch data.
  • Single point of control for the DBA to manage the database using Teradata viewpoint.

Inaysys is an industry leading software house, which deals in business intelligence, database application integration, data warehousing, big data and many other data and analytic management services. Our team of TeraDATA experts is updated with latest industry knowledge and we are capable of supporting you in data intelligence. Visit us, discuss your project requirements to start your TeraDATA journey with industry leading experts.



Big Data is bringing the large possible opportunities, but it is difficult to handle with traditional storage systems. Hadoop comes with its role here; it is a tool that is used to handle big data efficiently and effectively. Formally, Hadoop is an open source distributed processing framework and it manages the data processing and storage for big data applications that are running on clustered systems. We can take from the previous line as Hadoop is primarily used for storage and processing and most of the data scientists take this open source platform in use.

It has a Master-Slave Architecture for data storage and distributed data processing using MapReduce and HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) methods. It can handle various forms of structured and unstructured data.

Why to choose Hadoop?

Hadoop is an open source and Java-based framework as well as it can easily be understood and explained. It offers massive storage for any kind of data and its frame allows user to quickly write and test distributed systems. Some of the key points elaborating its importance for your business:

  • Hadoop's distributed computing model processes big data fast and accurately.
  • Hadoop has an ability to store and process huge amounts various data quickly. 
  • Data and application processing is protected against hardware failure.
  • It provides a flexible data storage system.
  • It brings cost effective and economical solutions. 
  • You can easily grow your system to handle more data simply by adding nodes.

Why to Choose Inaysys for Hadoop services?

Inaysys is ready to serve you for Hadoop consulting and development services with the team of Hadoop consultants and highly qualified expert developers. We assure, by acquiring our professional services, your business can take all the possible advantages from Hadoop and related frameworks. We understand your needs and come up with the best solutions alongside with the live support.

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Mongo DB

MongoDB is an open source data management system that uses a document-oriented database model, which support multiple forms of data. MongoDB has an ability to scale up with ease and hold very large amounts of data. It stores documents in collections within databases. It provides official driver support for all types of programming languages. MongoDB comes with a wide variety of features including indexing, replication, load balancing, ad hoc queries, file storage, aggregation and many others. This is widely used DBMS to support products or services.

Why to Choose MongoDB?

MongoDB makes the data management easier for the businesses. It has an ability to handle large amount of unstructured data. This is faster, reliable and scalable. MongoDB is better and compatible for the system having large data. So, when we come to the question about why to choose MongoDB; it is faster and more reliable as compared to other database management system.

Why to Choose Inaysys?

Inaysys comes to support your data management with MongoDB consultant and experts. We offer reliable and economical services. If you are looking for MongoDB certified professional, then your search comes to an end; consult your project with Inaysys.

Big data consultant and database application experts on Inaysys help you in emerging data wisely. We have dedicated team of highly qualified professionals and serving various organizations in developing uniformed decisions. We solve complex big data and data management challenges for the enterprises.

We are very seasoned and professional in big data technologies and data warehousing tools. Either you want to handle very complex data structure or to evaluate your existing business data; we are fully capable of serving in every arena efficiently and productively.


We Cater to Myriad Industries
and Markets

World’s Top level companies belonging to the various industries rely on Inaysys. We have worked with clients in different industries, helping them to build performance driven solutions for consistent growth.

Retails & Ecommerce

Technological advancement comes with great opportunities for businesses to improve their overall performance. With the help of BI and Data Analytics tools, businesses can process their retail analytics and use it for business campaigns, forecasting, identifying buying patterns as well as organize business execution in a way that is in accordance with business goals. We have discovered robust retail and eCommerce business intelligence with cloud computing & data processing techniques and using it to help the businesses in developing customer driven strategies.

Banking & Finance

Banks and other financial institutions have data that can play a great role in the development of economy. Data analytics, business intelligence, Cloud computing and other data management tools help the banks to carry out their operation productively by measuring the operational performance and customer interaction with them. We are equipped with data management tools, helping the enterprises in the industry to extract the value of the data and make uniform decisions by employing the trusted data analytics tools and technologies.

Travel & Tourism

Competitive promotional campaigns, competition in prices, service quality and customer’s security have become the biggest challenges for travel and tourism industry. Business intelligence, big data analytics and cloud data organization are helping the industry to fight against the challenges. Inaysys enables the Travel & Tourism clients to take the competitive advantages from data analytics. With custom development capabilities and artificial intelligence technologies, our team offers an engaging experience for travel & tourism industry clients.

Why Choose Us?

Delivering performance driven solution from raw data is complicated job, and we approach this challenge with a fanatical and a highly experienced methodology that allows us to make the best use of our resources. Our BI and Data Science experts have years of experience under their belt that equips them to understand the intricate details of the process and readily resolve issues to give you a clean and high-speed results.

Extensive Experience Backed by Successful Projects

Experience is worthless if it isn't backed by successful projects. We have a proven track record of successful BI, Big Data and Cloud computing projects that give us the confidence to take on diverse challenges as a Data Analytics company.

A dedicated Project Manager

All of our dedicated team comes with a dedicated project manager who manages everything to ensure that things are done on time and the way decided. Our project managers are highly proactive and offer regular updates to keep you in touch with the progress.

Project Transparency

Our project management process allows us to stay completely transparent throughout the project cycle. Furthermore, we are very careful about the sensitivity of our client business data. With us, you will always know how your budget is being spent and work is executed.

Project Implementation and Maintenance

We make sure that every project that we take reaches its final destination, in the way decided to. But our job doesn't end there, our business intelligence and data analytics experts offer consistent support to ensure that things remain the way they are supposed to be.

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