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Reasons Mobile App Developers Need to Move on from Android Kitkat

March 30, 2019

With the latest bloom in technology, hardware developer companies are bringing in innovation to smart phones and gadgets. Most of the technology users are millennial’s and all businesses are focused towards offering them the newest. For mobile app developers, it is therefore essential to understand the evolving tech needs of today’s customers; they no longer want to use the retro phones or gears. Kitkat and jelly bean were indeed once quite desirable by the users but now Android 5 is trending and users yearn for better and the best. Here are the reasons mobile app designers need to move on from kitkat.

Design Hang-ups

Do you want to give your users a poor color screen where they can’t see images in high resolution? Of course not, so a mobile app with the obsolete technology makes your app appear as an artifact with images and colors that are faded. So it’s better switching to upgraded technology.

Cost of Development

Most of the smart phone users prefer system upgrades but for a limited number of customers with kitkat your cost of app developing would be fairly high because it will take days of work to get an app designed. Why waste money and time on something that most of your users won’t even benefit from?

No Compatibility with Latest Devices

Why would a smart phone user not buy the latest phone with cutting edge software and features? Unless you are targeting baby boomers with your app, you definitely need a tech shift from kitkat since very limited consumers will be using it.

User Experience



The purpose of your app is to provide delightful and timely user experience. If you aren’t able to deliver that, customers won’t feel inclined into downloading your app and using it. So for creating pleasant user experiences, choose technology that is compatible with their phones and tablets.

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