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MicroStrategy is a relational online analytical processing architecture that allow users from the enterprises and organizations to access, review and manage data and matrix from anywhere across a wide variety of multidimensional databases and flat files. MicroStrategy is not just a tool, this is a comprehensive software solution business intelligence platform; the combination of tools is used for business intelligence, data analytics, multidimensional data modeling, server applications as well as for derived matrix among various elements.

Why organizations prefer this platform?

MicroStrategy comes with the comprehensive and performance driven solutions. It empowers the user by putting matrix in their hands by creating sophisticated reports and compelling dashboards for data recovery and management. MicroStrategy creates an inclusive data visualization with graphs, dashboards, data aggregations, reports and data blending come up with the compelling business insights. It establishes transparency and delivers inventive tool that helps the enterprise's authorities to make better decisions to improve their business performance.

Some Key features of MS:

  • Efficient Business intelligence
  • Big data integration and solutions
  • Easy to use and maintain, even with basic knowledge
  • High-performance business intelligence
  • Advanced and predictive business analytics
  • Graphs, Scorecards and dashboards
  • Enterprise analysis and reporting
  • Self-service analytics

Why to Choose Inaysys?

Inaysys is providing business intelligence, data analytics and cloud based services to the clients globally. We have strong expertise on MicroStrategy and developed data visualization schemas for several clients. With our hands on experience with business intelligence tools, we offer comprehensive solutions for the utilization and intelligent visualization of your (transactional and non transactional) business data.

We Cater to Myriad Industries
and Markets

World’s Top level companies belonging to the various industries rely on Inaysys. We have worked with clients in different industries, helping them to build performance driven solutions for consistent growth.

Retails & Ecommerce

Technological advancement comes with great opportunities for businesses to improve their overall performance. With the help of BI and Data Analytics tools, businesses can process their retail analytics and use it for business campaigns, forecasting, identifying buying patterns as well as organize business execution in a way that is in accordance with business goals. We have discovered robust retail and eCommerce business intelligence with cloud computing & data processing techniques and using it to help the businesses in developing customer driven strategies.

Banking & Finance

Banks and other financial institutions have data that can play a great role in the development of economy. Data analytics, business intelligence, Cloud computing and other data management tools help the banks to carry out their operation productively by measuring the operational performance and customer interaction with them. We are equipped with data management tools, helping the enterprises in the industry to extract the value of the data and make uniform decisions by employing the trusted data analytics tools and technologies.

Travel & Tourism

Competitive promotional campaigns, competition in prices, service quality and customer’s security have become the biggest challenges for travel and tourism industry. Business intelligence, big data analytics and cloud data organization are helping the industry to fight against the challenges. Inaysys enables the Travel & Tourism clients to take the competitive advantages from data analytics. With custom development capabilities and artificial intelligence technologies, our team offers an engaging experience for travel & tourism industry clients.

Why Choose Us?

Delivering performance driven solution from raw data is complicated job, and we approach this challenge with a fanatical and a highly experienced methodology that allows us to make the best use of our resources. Our BI and Data Science experts have years of experience under their belt that equips them to understand the intricate details of the process and readily resolve issues to give you a clean and high-speed results.

Extensive Experience Backed by Successful Projects

Experience is worthless if it isn't backed by successful projects. We have a proven track record of successful BI, Big Data and Cloud computing projects that give us the confidence to take on diverse challenges as a Data Analytics company.

A dedicated Project Manager

All of our dedicated team comes with a dedicated project manager who manages everything to ensure that things are done on time and the way decided. Our project managers are highly proactive and offer regular updates to keep you in touch with the progress.

Project Transparency

Our project management process allows us to stay completely transparent throughout the project cycle. Furthermore, we are very careful about the sensitivity of our client business data. With us, you will always know how your budget is being spent and work is executed.

Project Implementation and Maintenance

We make sure that every project that we take reaches its final destination, in the way decided to. But our job doesn't end there, our business intelligence and data analytics experts offer consistent support to ensure that things remain the way they are supposed to be.

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