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Exploring “Inspect URL Tool” on Google Search Console

March 30, 2019

For concentrated SEO efforts and understanding how Google ranks pages, you need to get well-acquainted with “Inspect URL Tool.” The tool lets you insider information like http response codes, JavaScript logos and screenshots. SEO and analytics experts can make the most of this tool to see how a webpage appears in a search query, content can be improved and added analyzing the data and more focused campaigns can be designed to achieve better website ranking and traffic. Here is how you can explore the tool!

Gauging Http Response

Go to the “More Info” tab on Inspect tool and open http response tool for your website, you can view if a page response was Ok, permanently removed or any other, based on that development and other technicalities can be thoroughly checked to enhance user experience.

Screenshots of a Category Page

You can have an overview of how a certain page appears to a visitor, finding loopholes in design, SEO and content becomes easier and you can make changes and recheck again to ensure previous issues have been fixed.

Getting a Hang of Blocked Pages


The tool makes it easier for you to check the page resources and see why certain content or category has been blocked. This will enable you to decide on a course of action if you want a certain service page to get unblocked.

Fixing JavaScript Errors

The tool gives you insight on JavaScript errors; you can get a report on them by clicking on “More Info” and then JavaScript logos. Thus bugs can be fixed for providing a seamless web experience to your visitors.

There are detailed guidelines available to make the best of “Inspect URL Tool”. It is easy to use and gives precise data for you to assess and scale.

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