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Hiring a Dedicated Team at an Early Stage Of Your Business


Getting started with a new business idea is always a daunting task. If this is your first time as a startup, there are a couple of things you need to consider before you venture on to launch your project in the market. And one of those things is finding a dedicated team that can fully understand your business needs and creates Web solutions that will readily solve your day-to-day problems. This post looks at why you and how you should hire a dedicated team

Before we go any further, here’s why you need a dedicated team for your startup.

Dedicated teams vs. contractual employees

As a startup, you will have to deal with a lot of challenges. These will include, depending on the kind of website you want to build, Website design and development, website content planning, optimization, Web solution development, and integration of third-party enterprise management software and systems. The work can pile up if you are not careful about its handling. And, the contractual teams simply aren’t going to give you the attention and commitment that your company needs at this early stage. Contractual employees are working on certain terms that may not work well for an early stage of a startup.

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Three things dedicated teams bring to the table

There are a number of benefits of dedicated teams, but most importantly there are three things that can really find with the contractual teams.


With contractual teams, you get to have fixed terms and conditions while with a dedicated team you can get the flexibility that allows you to have enough freedom to implement changes that you want to see in your startup. In addition, dedicated teams have consistently delivered for your specific brand so you can be assured that there using their skills and expertise specifically to help you excel at whatever you want to accomplish.


Just because they are dedicated doesn’t mean they have to expensive. If you think about how fast the work is being done and how great your chances are to go to the market, the money is worth it. With dedicated teams, you get agility and proactive practices that readily take into account the implementation of technologies and errors and omissions to ensure timely product delivery.

With contractual teams,  there is more than one type of cost associated. If the project isn’t completed on time, you bear the cost of time and money (the money that you would have been making had the product reached the market faster). In most cases, product delays are associated with the elimination of bugs and fixes that weren’t addressed during the process.


Custom hardware and software are absolutely crucial when it comes to creating solutions that work specifically for your business. One of the many benefits of dedicated teams is that they are specialized in creating specific, company-based solutions that meticulously work for your company goals. Contractual teams are not all-rounded teams with ed expertise and additionally, they do not have enough industry experience to understand your company’s changing needs.

What to consider before hiring a dedicated team?

There are a lot of things that you would have to consider when hiring a dedicated team but most important attributes you will have to consider include:

  • Expertise and skill and their relevant experience. If the team has tremendous experience but in a different industry than yours, then it is probably not worth your time.
  • Overall project delivery and performance. Most dedicated teams have a proven track record that showcases their performance.

If you check the mentioned attributes before hiring a dedicated team, there’s a good chance that you are in good hands.

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Dedicated teams are the best solution for startups who are just starting out, mainly because at an early stage you need dedication and commitment of a team of professionals. This is the only sure-fire way to go to the market faster.

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