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Effective SEO Link Building Strategies for 2019


Every e-commerce business has to struggle with link building for better S.E.O, closing leads and earning a distinguished brand identity. While, there have always been conventional link building tactics in practice some of which still work, you need to get well-acquainted with latest strategies to get your website top ranking. Content has always been the king but to make the most and right use of it is the real trick, so this year do focus on quality and value added content, link it correctly and enjoy the results. Here are some link building tips for this year!

Pick a Timeless Topic

You need to come up with an all time popular keyword or topic that you can build links around. So keeping relevance with your industry, search for timeless topics. For instance, if you have a beauty cosmetics related business, an always sought after topic can be “Natural Makeup looks/tips”. Look out for 4, 5 options and choose the most searched one.

Create Valuable Content

After selecting the topic, create valuable content, see what others have written on the topic and add more information to your post. Make the content pictorial, easy to comprehend and unique. Ensure that your content is differentiating and worthwhile than the rest.

Use Backlinks of Top Trending Websites

Search for the top ten results relevant to the topic you have written on and use their backlinks. Give URLs for proper linking. Send email to the site owners and let them know that you appreciate their content and you have written something similar but with additional details and using their links. This would improve your industry collaboration and credibility.

Use Link Roundup

Link roundup is supporting your links with daily, weekly and monthly posts to augment your content. This strategy is likely to prove prolific in getting you persistent traffic and improved ranking on search engines.

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