Insightful SEO Tips for Newbie Businesses

February 12, 2019 0 comment


For any new online business, the prior concern is landing potential customers and enhancing brand exposure. Both of these goals require a focused and well-planned SEO strategy that helps you acquiring relevant traffic, with lead generation and earning a strong industry position. For a smart SEO plan, you don’t necessarily need to have a hefty budget; all it takes is a right plan, one that proves prolific for your business infrastructure. Instead of following what’s…

Why Quality Content is such a Vital Element for Better Website Ranking?

February 11, 2019 0 comment

Quality Content

If you have a technically sound and advanced website and still not getting your desired ranking on search engines, time to ponder over this point- what is it that you are missing out? Technicalities of a webpage like coding language, design, a thought out SEO strategy and user-friendly experience are definitely important factors that make a webpage rank better and easy to navigate. But an even vital element is quality content, if you aren’t providing…

Effective SEO Link Building Strategies for 2019

February 8, 2019 0 comment

Every e-commerce business has to struggle with link building for better S.E.O, closing leads and earning a distinguished brand identity. While, there have always been conventional link building tactics in practice some of which still work, you need to get well-acquainted with latest strategies to get your website top ranking. Content has always been the king but to make the most and right use of it is the real trick, so this year do focus…

Exploring “Inspect URL Tool” on Google Search Console

February 7, 2019 0 comment

For concentrated SEO efforts and understanding how Google ranks pages, you need to get well-acquainted with “Inspect URL Tool.” The tool lets you insider information like http response codes, JavaScript logos and screenshots. SEO and analytics experts can make the most of this tool to see how a webpage appears in a search query, content can be improved and added analyzing the data and more focused campaigns can be designed to achieve better website ranking…

Reasons Mobile App Developers Need to Move on from Android Kitkat

February 6, 2019 0 comment

With the latest bloom in technology, hardware developer companies are bringing in innovation to smart phones and gadgets. Most of the technology users are millennial's and all businesses are focused towards offering them the newest. For mobile app developers, it is therefore essential to understand the evolving tech needs of today’s customers; they no longer want to use the retro phones or gears. Kitkat and jelly bean were indeed once quite desirable by the users…

Mobile App Development and VR- The Evolution is not far

February 4, 2019 0 comment


  Virtual reality has invariably revolutionized learning, consumer experiences and business efficiency. With VR gadgets we see a significant change how customers will shop and organizations will improve their communication and processes. Virtual reality is being expediently utilized by entertainment, fashion, real estate, medicine and retail industry. The time is not far when we will see the VR technology expanding to other industries. Currently Google, Facebook and Samsung are using VR to boost their user…

Why you Need to get a Hang of Google’s New Learning Course for UAC (Universal App Campaigns)?

January 31, 2019 0 comment

Hang of google

No matter if you are a budding mobile/gaming app business or been there in the market for a decade, getting familiar with latest Google trends, updates and programs are a must have to thrive and survive. Understanding Universal App Campaign builder’s vitals would effectively aid you in connecting with potential customers and marketing your apps to targeted audiences. (more…)

What are the Pros and Cons of Responsive Designing for E-Commerce?

January 3, 2019 1 comment

pron and cons of e-commerce

Responsive and adaptive e-commerce web design has been a wrenching debate for quite a while now. Many business owners would want a responsive layout; many developers would find it slowing down the speed of a webpage. So there are perks and definitely some downsides of adaptive e-commerce web design which need to be evaluated before you go for it. (more…)

Custom WordPress Theme Development- Five Benefits to Consider

January 3, 2019 0 comment

Custom wordpress development

WordPress is avidly used for content sharing by various businesses; the portal gives its users options to create themes. Genesis and thesis are the popular theme builder preferences you have but having customized theme development has many perks. You can stand out as a unique business entity by having your personalized WordPress theme. (more…)

Digital Marketing- Helping Customers find you and your Business

January 3, 2019 0 comment

Digital marketing

If you want your brand to thrive in today’s digitally competitive business world, it is crucial to understand the importance of digital marketing. If your customers won’t hear from you through an email campaign or can’t find you on Facebook or Instagram they are likely to forget you. Investing in digital marketing is therefore essential to sustainability of your business and enhancing customer satisfaction and retention rates. (more…)